The inspiration behind The ARB Foundation

The motivation behind this foundation is Ali Renee Brown. Ali struggled with depression most of her life. It caused severe highs and lows, isolating herself from friends and family, and eventually drug use. If you knew Ali you knew she was battling this illness but she never let it completely hold her back from her life. She was a High School grad, a mother, attended nursing school, and held a job. She had a HUGE personality that everyone was drawn to and she loved her son and made sure he had the perfect life. The resources to help her with her Depression was never something she had at her fingertips which made it very difficult for her to find the help she needed. She knew she needed something but was never certain of what that something was when it came to the illness which is what most individuals struggle with and why depression goes undiagnosed. The purpose of The ARB Foundation is to make those resources easily accessible to those people in need. Making it easy to diagnose and treat those walking through life with a crippling disease only they can feel is essential. This organization will save lives and save families. We need all of the support we can get to keep ARB up and running and get it off the ground to reach those in need. Thank you all for your support. 


In Loving Memory of Ali Brown

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