The ARB Foundation Would like to thank everyone at Mix 93.3 for to love and support.


If we can keep The ARB Foundation in the news headline, then we can keep Ali story in the news headline as well  #justiceforAli 

Written by, Emma Bartshe.

This morning we were featured on Mix 93.3 with Rocket and Teresa. We reached everyone listening in the Kansas City Metro area. Having a voice in the community and being recognized in a public way is essential to reaching individuals and families dealing with depression. Calling every day trying to get our foundation out there and today was the day we touched lives in a huge way. If you were listening to it this morning and are struggling with depression or know someone who is let me be the one to tell you, you’re not alone in this fight. You will find happiness in your life and you will always have support through the ARB Foundation.

To listen to the shout out click the audio link below


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