7/29/18 Update On The ARB Foundation

To the ARB Army,

First and fore must I personally wanted to thank all of our supporter’s, Our ARB Army who’s been with this movement from the beginning, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting and sharing anything and the past few months, I’ve just been extremely busy, with trying to build our, Resource page,  to where it covers All 50th states, being able to find help for those who battle’s with some form of mental illness get’s the help they need. That right now id my #1 top Priority, as The founder and The President of this Foundation it is my responsibility to learn as must as I can possibly can about all forms Mental Health illnesses so that I can lead The ARB Foundation and, our ARB army in the right direction. I promise you that we are working hard and we will be back posting daily in the next couple of weeks, and we have a few surprises, and changes coming down the pipeline here soon. So once again We here at The ARB Foundation truly appreciate the love and support for this Foundation and  Ali Brown.


Thank You.

Anthony Thomas